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About Us

  Anhui Langke Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of sanitation cleaning equipment manufacturing enterprises, the company has been operating environment has improved sanitation, to reduce the environmental sanitation work intensity, improve work efficiency sanitation mission, the main products are: electric cleaning cars, electric cars hanging bucket, electric sweeper, electric washing cars, garbage cans and other types of environmental sanitation tools, electric sanitation vehicles using battery-powered, safe, reliable, no noise, low cost, easy maintenance, easy to use Features. This series is environmentally friendly, comfortable, efficient and safe operation of the vehicle green sanitation. To beautify the urban environment, and establish the image of the city, a harmonious city has a significant role.

快乐8幸运28预测网   Companies adhering to the “integrity management, customer first” and “quality of survival, to the letter recognition and development” business philosophy, made all users support and trust.

  People-centered faith, adhere to attract talent, training, talent, through to talent development, customer Fulcrum, quality brand tree, Trinity, and constantly develop environmentally friendly equipment - sweeper new products, provide more quality services, encourage enterprises to continue to grow and develop.

  Our company has developed a new type of electric sweeper is based on (more) patent on the basis of development, and manufacturing, to enhance the comprehensive level of urban services and equipment to improve the quality of life of the masses to provide a great help. The main features of this product:

快乐8幸运28预测网   1. Set sweeping vehicle suction combined according to customer needs to install spray device (eject atomized mist in the cleaning process, reducing dust);

快乐8幸运28预测网   2.2 1 side brush main brush, small and flexible vehicle, the appearance of common FRP materials, the installation of electric sunshade job according to user needs, no noise, no emissions;

  3. Small, turning flexible, easy to drive, easy maintenance;

  4. mechanized high efficiency, good effect, the machine went out clean;

  5. The cleaning effect, washing over dry ground, no trace of residual water;

  6. dirty water, mud, sand, all suction sewage tank, especially for oil ground;

快乐8幸运28预测网   7. After cleaning the machine, clean as new, the less artificial;

  Netac will continue to innovation, the use of advanced management mode, adhere to the “customer first, service first” principle, to contribute to the cause of sanitation cleaning!

快乐8幸运28预测网   Welcome to users around the company negotiate business and create a better future!

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