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Compressed garbage truck loaded style and special features garbage system

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  With the garbage truck in the country's widespread popularity of the earliest seal garbage truck, now evolved to diversify box detachable, self-loading trash and other forms of existence. As a compression garbage truck garbage trucks applicability, it is widely recognized and designated procurement, such garbage truck garbage truck only has the public garbage collection, and effectively for the first time in the compression process of garbage collection so that the same volume envelope, can carry more waste material.

快乐8幸运28预测网   Today, the compression style and choice of after-loading garbage truck garbage system, in-depth to tell you about.

快乐8幸运28预测网   Compression garbage truck garbage filling system consists of front-mounted and rear-mounted two kinds, because the front-loading garbage system, with hydraulic lifting frame will turn trash Yang job, inevitably resulting in secondary pollution, and because front-loading garbage trash system supporting a single use, so the majority of vehicles have been identified common unit is “slick design” and “brain damage type of equipment.”

  The current compression garbage truck garbage filling systems, mainly in the rear-loading garbage system for different operating environments, rear-loading garbage system consists of: garbage bucket, flip rack two categories.

快乐8幸运28预测网   Garbage bucket: mainly rely on the form of hydraulic flip, flip the garbage bucket flat, to be filled artificial garbage is completed, then flip the garbage dump bucket to the outer body of the car, garbage blade flip rack: main rear outer envelope Equip trash flip frame, matching plastic PVC or iron trash trash trash barrel will flip the dump to the outer housing, garbage collection garbage blade to the car body, crushed by compressing the garbage discharge storage, handling and transportation .

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