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Sprinkler watering volume size analysis course

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  Sprinkler watering size of the amount, there is no standard parameters, it should depend on the actual ground sprinkled with the actual situation and the weather. When the road surface is very dry, watering should increase the relative amount; when the storm, some sections remain damp, watering should be relatively reduced amount. If too much sand or dirt roads, needed to be sweeper or sanitation workers after cleaning is completed, then watering operations.

  Many first-time buyers sprinkler users, always think bigger is better sprinkler watering amount, this idea is not correct. Sprinkler watering the greater the amount, the road from the sprinkler will be shorter, resulting in an increase in the number of water sprinkler water tank, and from the drive relative fuel consumption increases, its cost will drop.

  Secondly, the amount of watering too much, likely to cause low-lying sections of water, some water will flow into the sewer along the road, forming a double waste of water resources and the economy, hit the ground when the soil too much, it is very easy to form a muddy state, causing more secondary pollution of the ground more serious cases may have clogged sewer. After the ground was dry, easier to form large areas of dust and pollution, to sanitation workers sweeping the inconvenience.

快乐8幸运28预测网   In summary, the sprinkler watering a large but not good, but a small amount of the sprinkler and will not achieve a significant role. So, in conjunction with the local realities of the situation to develop scientific and reasonable technical indicators to get traffic sprinkler practical and economical.

  Also sprinkler in the course also need to pay attention to the following details:

  1. Water requirements for sprinkler

快乐8幸运28预测网   When the sprinkler (easterly or liberation) the use of rivers, ponds as a water source, pay attention to all the ends of the suction pipe submerged. To avoid inhalation of stones or more sediment, floating debris, suction pipe end is generally provided with a filter means, is strictly prohibited filtration devices removed during water absorption. If the water is shallow, the water needs to advance at a number of deepened to ensure that does not contain the debris and into the air does not. Different sprinkler pump water requirements of a difference, clean water pump requires water can not have impurities, turbid water pump requires water can not have the stones and excessive sediment.

  2. Add water sprinkler

快乐8幸运28预测网   Before each suction centrifugal pump, the pump must be added to within a certain amount of water, after adding water mouth must be closed. When self priming pump for the first time, you need to add water, plus you do not have after diversion.

  3. sprinkler inlet will need to vacuum

  Into the plumbing system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum suction to inhale the water tank. Be sure to seal the inlet system reliability can not be damaged hose, the tube can not have cracks, and will cause air leaks, thus causing suction without Sheung Shui.

  4. sprinkler parking-gear

  Sprinkler water either before, or before the sprinkler, power take off device hanging file must be in the parking.

快乐8幸运28预测网   5. Winter sprinkler water distribution

  Before winter, water pumps and sprinkler should be within the vent pipe to prevent cracking. Northern China is no longer the general winter construction, so at the end of construction, the water pumps and pipes immediately emptying to prevent future trouble.

  6. Sprinkler Note

快乐8幸运28预测网   Sprinkler head before a lower position, close to the ground, the larger the spray pressure can be used to flush the pavement; higher after the nozzle position (sprinkler nozzle generally around after each installation a), a wide sprinkler surface can be used for road construction watering, use after the nozzle, the nozzle should be closed before; when using an adjustable nozzle sprinkler, sprinkler width can be adjusted as needed. Sprinklers larger the width, the smaller the amount of overlap in the middle, watering more uniform density.

快乐8幸运28预测网   7. sprinkler Lubrication and fastening

快乐8幸运28预测网   Sprinkler in the course to regularly lubricate the transmission assembly lubrication points, often securing junction point, in order to ensure normal use.

快乐8幸运28预测网   8. Regular sewage sprinkler

快乐8幸运28预测网   Sprinkler water storage tank provided with sewage, imports of the tube to the lowest point of the tank. After a period of use, should be regularly open the outfall switch to exclude debris accumulated inside the tank until the water runs clear.

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